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Traditionally, businesses that wished to accept electronic payments from their customers were required to get their own merchant accounts with banks or payment processors that enabled access to the payments system. These companies enable payments for companies of all sizes, so their application and onboarding processes were built for larger businesses that handled significant transaction volume.

ComFac - mediating content and commerce exchanges.

Commerce at your hands

The majority of the intermediaries appear in the B2B dimension of electronic commerce. For this reason, we propose a web-based intermediary site to facilitate SMEs ' entrance in the virtual business area, but also to near them to the end-users. According to this, there are two dimensions in the proposed business model supported by the intermediary. The first one is a B2B (Business to Business)dimension, related to the communication between the SME and the intermediary. On the other hand, we have a B2C (Business to Client) dimension that succeeds in putting the end-users into contact with the products of the SME through the intermediary. The result is a B2B/B2C hybrid model whose main objective is to provide the SMEs with a uniform platform that implements the services needed for an e-commerce strategy development. This model is implemented now in an e-commerce architecture proposal, so-called ComFac